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Our mission is to create a better future for the communities where we live and work by helping others find their own “Real Purpose.” If you’re experiencing a temporary hardship, know a deserving person or entity who needs one-time assistance, or think there’s a project we should get involved with, please tell us more!

Application/Nomination Form:
Please fill in this section for who you’re nominating (you, your friend, an organization).

    Has person/project received assistance from before?


    Has person/project received assistance from before?


    Please explain the situation and specify how the requested aid will be used: (required)

    *Please note if financial aid is approved, will only pay third-party vendors directly for individual grants and not the individual grantees themselves. Nominee must not have had more than one grant from within the last 12 months.

    Please upload supporting documents (bills, business plan, lists of supplies, etc.)

    Max file size: Files must be one of the following formats: DOC|TXT|PDF|JPEG|PNG.

    Please complete this section for yourself (may be the same or different from above)

    Acknowledgement and Agreement:

    By checking the following box, you understand that the Board will review your application and determine whether it qualifies. Assistance approved by the Board may not always be financial in nature. However, if funds are requested, the amount requested above is not more than the amount necessary to satisfy the financial need.

    You certify that the information and supporting documentation that you provided is accurate. Any misrepresentation of need will disqualify the application. may request additional information or documentation to satisfy this application and you agree to grant access to personal information related to this application; failure to provide complete information may disqualify the application.

    Check here if you accept these terms. (required)

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